Julia Map generates fractals with just a browser

February 4, 2011 by Amara D. Angelica

Google Labs has launched Julia Map, a fractal renderer in HTML 5. which lets you generate and explore fractals — specifically, the Julia set and Mandelbrot set — with just a browser (no need to launch a program).

It uses the Google Maps API to zoom and pan into the fractals. The images are computed with HTML 5 canvas. “Each image generally requires millions of floating point operations,” explains Google Software Engineer Daniel Wolf, so “Web workers spread the heavy calculations on all cores of the machine,” performing background processing tasks in parallel. You have a choice of 11 different fractal sets.

You can also share URLs for the fractal images you generate on Twitter under hashtag #juliamap, such as this one:

Julia set 0.285+0.01i zoom level 5. (Image: Google Labs)