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This section covers news and updates from the knfb Reading Technology™ family of products, and showcases the Blio e-reader.

knfb Reading Technology™ is a joint venture between Kurzweil Technologies and the National Federation of the Blind, the largest and most influential membership organization of blind people in the United States. The company develops products that innovate access to print for anyone with difficulty seeing or reading, including the blind and learning disabled.

In 2010, knfb Reading Technology™ partnered with global media distributor Baker & Taylor to create the Blio e-reader, which delivers an advanced electronic reading environment for today’s digital content. The Blio video tour provides further details on the product's features.

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HP | Blio e-reader application to be included on HP TouchPad, featured at ‘Think Beyond’ event

February 9, 2011

hp logo

The Blio e-reader application is included on the HP TouchPad. Video below shows the February 9, 2011 HP WebOS “Think Beyond” event, and the Blio segment begins at 1:23:40 — “HP TouchPad also offers a full library of news and lifestyle publications, a choice of e-readers including Blio and others.”

Video Source: HP | “Think Beyond” event

HP TouchPad

New York Times | Kurzweil vows to right e-reader wrongs

June 18, 2010

New York Times logo

Source: New York Times — June 18, 2010 | Ashlee Vance

There’s Amazon.com’s Kindle, Sony’s Reader, Barnes and Noble’s Nook, Apple’s iPad and a bevy of iPad and Kindle clones. Still, Ray Kurzweil, the famed inventor, thinks people deserve yet another option when it comes to reading books and magazines with… read more

CNET | Ina Fried interviews Ray Kurzweil

January 7, 2010

Ray Kurzweil on CNET on digital reading

CNET | The future of reading: Ray Kurzweil knows a little something about e-readers. The computing pioneer, who among other things helped develop modern text recognition software, has been working to use digital technology to improve reading for the past 30 years. His latest project, Blio, is an effort to improve the emerging electronic book field with software that turns e-books into more than just a digital… read more

Video Source: CNET

CNET | Ray Kurzweil tries to build a better e-reader

Meet Blio: A video introduction of the Blio e-reader

December 27, 2011

Blio video screenshot

You can learn more about Blio here (Blio.com) and here (MeetBlio.com).

Jewish Currents | Kurzweil Reading Machine for the blind — 35 year anniversary

January 13, 2011

Jewish Currents - A1

Jewish Currents — January 12, 2011 | Lawrence Bush

The first reading machine capable of translating printed material into spoken words was unveiled on this date in 1976 by inventor Ray Kurzweil and the National Federation of the Blind.

Ray Kurzweil, a pioneering scientist in artificial intelligence, appeared on Steve Allen’s I’ve Got a Secret television show as a high school student back in 1965, when he had already invented a computer capable of composing music.

Stevie… read more

K-NFB launches free e-reader software to ‘revolutionize e-book reading experience’

September 28, 2010

K-NFB Reading Technology Inc., creator and developer of the Blio[TM] e-reading software, today announced the launch of Blio, the most advanced, flexible, interactive and engaging e-reading application available to consumers, according to a company statement.

The free application can be downloaded immediately to all Windows-based devices at the newly designed blio.com, with applications for iOS, Android and Silverlight platforms available soon.

“Beginning today, readers… read more

Kurzweil receives award from Perkins School for the Blind

November 9, 2006

MEDIA ALERT | Ray Kurzweil has received the Perkins Miracle Worker Award from the Perkins School for the Blind in Watertown, MA.

The award recognized Ray’s lifelong contribution to technology that helps blind and vision-impaired people. His latest invention, the K-NFB Reader, the state-of-the-art in blind-assistance technology, was demonstrated at the event.

Jamaica Observer | This week’s Tech 5

November 17, 2010


Source: Jamaica Observer — November 2, 2010 | Jamaica Observer staff

[…] The Blio eReader is a smart online reader that has the ability to know all that enhances your reading experience. With the same layout as books — fonts, full-colour images — the eReader can read aloud to you with Blio highlighting each word as it goes, so you can follow along. You can look up words you might not be familiar with or get more information… read more

No Shelf Required | Blio and Axis 360 from Baker & Taylor — an audio interview with Michael Bills

December 9, 2011

No Shelf Required logo

Source: No Shelf Required — September 19, 2011 | Sue Polanka

Last week I interviewed Michael Bills, Director for Sales, Digital Products, from Baker & Taylor about their e-reader software, Blio. Michael discussed the functionality of Blio and discussed Axis 360, a hosting and circulation platform for the Blio reader. For more information on blio, visit: http://www.baker-taylor.com/blio.cfm

Michael’s interview, along with 40+ others are available on the NSR interviews page. [...]


Engadget | Blio for Windows review, now available for download

September 30, 2010


Source: Engadget — September 29, 2010 | Joanna Stern

Last week we brought you news that KNF-B was prepping for a September 28 launch of its Blio e-reader software, and according to our date books, the time has come! The free PC software (Windows XP, Vista and 7 are all supported) can be downloaded now at the source link below; the iPhone app should be hitting the App Store very soon, however. We’ve been using the… read more

Stevie Wonder presents knfbReaders to blind students

December 20, 2006

Stevie Wonder presented two knfb readers to students at the Stevie Wonder 11th annual House Full of Toys Benefit Concert in Los Angeles on Dec. 16.

The Readers, the first handheld devices capable of reading and converting printed text into spoken words, were donated by knfb (Kurzweil-National Federation of the Blind).… read more

BBC News | Online education disrupting traditional academic models

November 17, 2010


Source: BBC News — November 11, 2010 | Kabir Chibber

[…] Sites like the student-run Textbook Revolution aim to compile all the free resources available online to undercut the big publishers, including textbooks as PDF files. Still, the industry is fighting back. The Follett Higher Education Group has initiatives like Rent-A-Text, which preserves at least some of the returns of the paper model, and its CafeScribe e-book store and social network.

Mr Prescott is also hopeful… read more

Toshiba | Video tour of Toshiba Book Place, powered by Blio

August 24, 2010

Toshiba Book Place logo

Toshiba | With access to more than 1 million e-books and a broad selection of best-sellers, Book Place, from Toshiba, is your destination for the coolest digital reading experience available today. Book Place, powered by Blio, offers a rich, interactive e-reading experience that maintains the book’s original layout and features unique innovations such as highlighting, note taking, and hyperlinking.

Select books can be read aloud using the text-to-speech feature. At… read more

Video Source: Toshiba

Toshiba Book Place

Other Things | A Blio update

December 9, 2011

Other Things logo

Source: Other Things — October 18, 2011

A new update of K-NFB’s Blio for iOS [app store link], which uses our libEucalyptus, was released today. If you’re not aware of Blio, I wrote a bit about it when the iOS app first came out a few months ago. There are lots of great little additions in the update — both utilizing updates by us in libEucalyptus, and otherwise in the app itself. I’m really enjoying reading with… read more

MediaPost | New e-rival: Kurzweil bows Blio e-reader

October 2, 2010


Source: MediaPost — September 28, 2010 | Erik Sass

This week brought the official launch of Blio, a free multiplatform, multimedia e-reader app from KNF-B Reading Technology, a company founded by futurist Ray Kurzweil, the inventor of voice-recognition, in cooperation with the Federation of the Blind.

Originating as an app to help people with impaired vision read digital content more easily, the partners are marketing Blio to mainstream consumers. Blio aims to preserve the visual… read more

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