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Founded by Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman, MD, Ray & Terry's Longevity Products™ was created based on scientific evidence that life extension is both feasible and inevitable. The company offers a personalized Transcend™ Health Evaluation, which yields a practical road map that you can immediately begin to follow towards optimal health and long life.

The product line features nutritional supplements designed to help you stay in good shape long enough to take advantage of emerging health technologies. Visit the Ray & Terry's™ official website for more information, or to sign up for their bi-monthly newsletter, including health news and tips for living longer in great shape.

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What is Longevity? Immortality is within our grasp

September 8, 2009

longevity research

Immortality is within our grasp. Most of our conceptions of human life in the 21st century will be turned on their head. Not the least of these is the belief in the inevitability of death. As we succeed in understanding the genome and the proteome, many dramatic advances in treating disease and even reversing aging will emerge. The first two decades of the 21st century will be a golden era of biotechnology.

Ray & Terry’s ™ Research: Human Growth Hormone white paper

September 7, 2009


Current Thoughts on Hormone Replacement Part One: Human Growth Hormone, DHEA, Thyroid, Melatonin

Terry Grossman, M.D.


It is widely believed that the modern era of anti aging medicine

Ray & Terry’s ™ Research: Prostate cancer and vitamin use

September 6, 2009

prostate health

Analysis of the report published in the JNCI (Journal of the National Cancer Institute): Multivitamin Use and Risk of Prostate Cancer in the National Institutes of Health–AARP Diet and Health Study

Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman, M.D.

Ray & Terry’s ™ Research: Fantastic Voyage

September 4, 2009

fantastic voyage

What is the Fantastic Voyage? Written at the height of the Cold War, Isaac Asimov’s 1966 science-fiction thriller Fantastic Voyage shifted the public’s fascination from space travel to an even more fascinating journey-inside the human body. In the novel, scientists on “our side” as well as the unnamed “other side” have developed a miniaturization technology that promises victory for whoever can perfect it first. However, the technology has a fatal flaw: the miniaturization wears off quickly.

Ray & Terry’s ™ Online Personalized Health Program

August 13, 2009

ray and terry personal program

Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman M.D. have created a personalized health program which provides the tools and an individualized plan to aid in the fight against aging.

Press ignores bias in study of multivitamins and prostate cancer

May 24, 2007

In a recent paper reporting on the National Cancer Institute study of multivitamin use and the risk of prostate cancer, the NCI authors cited several possible bias factors. An analysis by Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman shows why the study’s biases should be considered before drawing conclusions.… read more

External Counterpulsation (ECP) a new paradigm for treating heart disease

June 17, 2002

External Counterpulsation (ECP) is an ingenious method for treating angina that doesn’t use drugs, is non-invasive, inexpensive and safe — unlike conventional surgical procedures such as angioplasty and bypass surgery. Physicians should inform patients of all the treatment options available for ischemic heart disease, including FDA-approved ECP, says physician Dr. Grossman.… read more

The 10% Solution For A Healthy Life: Acknowledgments, Introduction, A Brief Medical History and Foreword

March 6, 2002

To my doctor Steven Flier, and our mutual explorations of health and well-being


I would like to express my gratitude to many people, among them:

·My wife, Sonya, for having lovingly explored a new way of life with me, not to mention having participated in many enjoyable collaborations on the recipes in this book

The 10% Solution For A Healthy Life, Chapter 1: Aside from That, Mrs. Lincoln, How Did You Enjoy the Play?

March 6, 2002


From this printout, all of your tests appear to be normal. Your levels of serum cholesterol, triglycerides, and other lipids are normal. Other blood tests, such as thyroid function, are all normal.

That’s great. I do try to take care of myself, but it’s always good to hear that I’m in good health.

Yes, except for your fatal illness, you’re just fine.

The 10% Solution For A Healthy Life, Chapter 2: What Does This Mean?

March 6, 2002


So what does this mean? Ten percent calories from fat? How do I translate that into practical terms?

Each gram of fat has 9 calories. If you eat, let’s say, 2,000 calories each day, then you want 200 calories from fat Divide 9 into 200 and you go 22 grams of fat per day. Twenty-two grams of fat is equivalent to about 5 teaspoons of oil (or butter, margarine, fat from meat, etc.). Note that we are talking about all the fat in your diet, not just the added fats, such as oils. In fact, to achieve this level, you will want very little or no added fats.

The 10% Solution For A Healthy Life, Chapter 3: The Benefits

March 6, 2002

Heart Disease

So, a diet low in fat, cholesterol, and sodium, plus regular aerobic exercise, produces a dramatic reduction in artery and heart disease. Are there any other benefits?

As a matter of fact, reduction in heart disease risk is just the first in a long list of benefits. I mentioned it first because it is the primary health risk in our society and is by far our biggest killer.

Stroke, Aneurysms, Claudication

In terms of other diseases, consider first the diseases caused by the same atherosclerotic mechanism. When the coup-de-grace event-a blood clot forming on or getting stuck in an advanced atherosclerotic plaque formation-occurs in the coronary arteries, that’s a heart attack. When it happens in the arteries feeding the brain, you have a thrombotic or embolic stroke.

The 10% Solution For A Healthy Life, Chapter 4: A Parable

March 6, 2002


I can accept that not smoking and doing regular exercise are feasible, even enjoyable, ways to live. But just how habitable is this diet?

That is an excellent question, perhaps the most important question about the 10% solution that I will deal with. The health benefits of this approach are well documented, and the research on this question is getting stronger every year. The primary challenge and area of controversy is whether or not people would be willing to make this type of “radical” change. Many people dismiss this diet as “not palatable.” These people have never tried it, of course, but they think about it for a few minutes and decide it’s not for them, or for anybody.

The 10% Solution For A Healthy Life, Chapter 5: Your Weight

March 6, 2002

Ideal Weight

Let’s talk about how the principles of the 10% solution can be implemented in our daily lives.

I think that would be worthwhile. Why don’t we start with how to lose weight.

That is a fine place to start. Attaining your optimal weight will contribute significantly to reducing your risk of all degenerative diseases, including heart disease, cancer, type II diabetes, and hypertension. You’ll have more energy and will feel better in general.

The 10% Solution For A Healthy Life, Chapter 6: How to Eat

March 6, 2002


So how do I keep to 10 percent calories from fat?

Since a gram of fat has 9 calories, you can eat about l.l grams of fat per 100 calories. Now some items will be less than this, and some will be more, but that is the nominal goal.

The 10% Solution For A Healthy Life, Chapter 7: How to Exercise

March 6, 2002

Aerobic versus Anaerobic

In addition to a healthy diet, the other important requirement I recall you mentioning is exercise.

Yes, that is the other primary consideration.

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