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Singularity University Blog | John Mauldin: financial expert presents “The end game” tonight

March 4, 2010

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Source: Singularity University Blog — Mar 4, 2010 | Singularity University staff

Join Singularity University’s winter Executive Program students, and the local business community for tonight’s special event featuring John Mauldin, New York Times best-selling author and recognized financial expert. Tonight’s presentation of “The End Game” will explore how the world’s major economies will develop over the next ten years – an especially crucial topic for current and aspiring entrepreneurs, investors and VCs.

When: Thursday, March 4 @ 7:30… read more

Business Wire | Singularity University and CNBC partner to launch exponential finance conference in New York

February 26, 2014

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Business Wire — February 26, 2014

Exponential Finance will take place June 10-11, 2014, in New York.

The event will bring together top business leaders and government officials with the next generation of entrepreneurs to engage in dynamic and forward-thinking discussions on the exponential technologies that are creating the next greatest wave of transition in industry, business and finance.

Peter H. Diamandis cofounded SU with futurist and Google’s Director of Engineering Ray Kurzweil. [...]

Singularity University Blog | SU presents Al Seckel and “Your Mind’s Eye”

July 25, 2009

Source: Singularity University Blog — Jul 25, 2009 | Singularity University staff

Your Mind’s Eye: The World’s Most Powerful Illusions and What they Tell Us about How We Think and Perceive

Come see, experience, and take delight in some of the world’s most powerful visual and other sensory illusions. The illusions presented in this talk will not just be confined to the visual senses, but there will be auditory ones too, including cross-modal examples of sound influencing what you see, and… read more

Singularity University Blog | Andrew Hessel on the future of synthetic biology

December 1, 2009

Source: Singularity University Blog — Dec 1, 2009 | Singularity University staff

Singularity University Executive Director Salim Ismail talks with Andrew Hessel after his lecture at the inaugural Executive Program. ‘Synthetic biology will rival the IT industry in the next ten years’.

Singularity University Blog | 2011 Graduate Studies Program team projects announced

January 10, 2011

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Source: Singularity University Blog — Jan 10, 2011 | Singularity University staff

Each summer, the Graduate Studies Program class (GSP) is challenged with “Ten to the Ninth Plus” team projects — a highlight of the ten week program. The students spend several weeks working toward the goal of developing ideas and solutions that have the potential to positively impact at least one billion people within ten years. Teams from GSP09 and GSP10 have already made significant progress. This year, GSP11… read more

Singularity University Blog | Singularity University appoints Neil Jacobstein to President

October 15, 2010

Source: Singularity University Blog — October 15, 2010 | Singularity University staff

Singularity University has announced the appointment of Neil Jacobstein as the first President of the organization. Singularity University (SU) is a non-profit organization based at NASA Ames Research Park, and is supported by a group of Corporate Founders including Google, Kauffman Foundation, Autodesk, and ePlanet Ventures.

Since the University’s founding in 2008, Jacobstein has served the University part-time as co-chair of the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Track. As… read more

Singularity University Blog | SU Videos: in any language, with your help

August 25, 2009
dotSUB translations of Singularity University videos

Source: Singularity University Blog — Aug 25, 2009 | Singularity University staff

As the inaugural Graduate Studies Program of 2009 (GSP-09) is ending, we will be ready to quickly progress into new projects, and new phases at the Singularity University. (I wish I could have written “ready to take a month or two off”, but no, that is not going to be the case!) In the previous months, we have released videos, that illustrated our goals. Matt Rutherford, our Media Producer and his dedicated team, recorded countless hours of lectures, workshops, events, team meetings, interviews, and more.

One of the questions that we have asked since the beginning was, since much of the experience of the Graduate Studies Program is very difficult if not impossible to replicate elsewhere, how can we maximize our global impact? The material we have is priceless, and we want it to reach as many people as possible! There are millions of people who would be interested in taking advantage of our materials, and have the means, broadband internet connection, etc. But there are many, whose level of English understanding is not high enough to follow an advanced lecture on nanotechnology, or robotics, or personalized medicine.… read more

Singularity University Blog | Dr. Daniel Reda on biotechnology fundamentals

January 15, 2010

Source: Singularity University Blog — Jan 15, 2010 | Singularity University staff

Dr. Daniel Reda, co-Chair of the Biotechnology and Bioinformatics track at Singularity University, introduces the key concepts and breakthroughs in biotechnology and bioinformatics. Filmed during the November 2009 Executive Program at Singularity University. Daniel is also the co-founder of CureTogether, an online community for open-source health research.


Women 2.0 | Calling all female game-changers for Singularity University

March 26, 2012

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Source: Women 2.0 — March 26, 2012 | Susan Fonseca

Scholarships are available to select female catalysts chosen to attend Singularity University. | By Susan Fonseca: Founding Member, Singularity University & Founder, Women@TheFrontier.

Singularity University (SU), a Silicon Valley organization located at NASA Research Park  in California seeks next-generation rock-stars to join this summer’s Graduate Studies Program 2012 (GSP12).

Every summer, SU selects 80 top students from around the world to join the GSP class.

Our students… read more

Singularity University Blog | SU launches (press release)

June 25, 2009

Source: Singularity University Blog — Jun 25, 2009 | Singularity University staff



40 Students Chosen from More than 1,200 Candidates to Kick Off Graduate Summer Program

Students Focused on Addressing “Humanity’s Grand Challenges” through Scientific and Technological Collaboration and Innovation

Leading Venture Capital Firm Joins University as Corporate Founder, Key Financial Donor

MOFFETT FIELD, Calif. – June 25, 2009 – Singularity University (SU) — the new academic institution with the goal of preparing the next generation of leaders to address “humanity’s grand challenges” — today announced the selection of 40 students to represent the inaugural class for the Graduate Summer Program (GSP). Singularity University narrowed the final 40 students from a pool of more than 1,200 candidate applications around the globe. The summer program begins on June 29, 2009, based at its campus on the NASA Ames Research Park.

SU also announced that leading Silicon Valley venture capital firm, ePlanet Ventures, joins SU as the newest Corporate Founder to support the institution.… read more

Singularity University Blog | WIRED: “Singularity University, day two: Ralph Merkle on Hyperdrive”

November 9, 2009

Source: Singularity University Blog — Nov 9, 2009 | Singularity University staff

Wired Senior Editor Ted Greenwald is embedded with Singularity University’s inaugural 10-day Executive Program. Follow his coverage of the entire program at Ted is also Tweeting using #singularityu.

See Ted’s full post at

The first part of Ralph Merkle’s talk was a 40,000-foot flyover. The second part shifted into hyperdrive. Feels like a college term packed into 90 minutes or

read more

CNET | Internet’s future on display at Singularity University

March 4, 2010

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Source: CNET — March 4, 2010 | Daniel Terdiman

CNET correspondent Daniel Terdiman shadowed Executive Program participant Rob Nail during one of his first days at Singularity University’s Winter 2010 Executive Program.

The Internet of the future is an intelligent network capable of proactively acting on our needs, following us wherever we go, helping provide us with focused health care, and possibly ushering in a new energy paradigm.

This is the vision that James Canton, CEO… read more

Singularity University | 2014 Impact Report: achieving impact together

June 17, 2014

(credit: Singularity University)

Singularity Unviversity | Impact Report 2014

Singularity University | Impact Report 2014

Singularity University | Benefit Report 2014


John Mauldin's "Thoughts from the Frontline" | Welcome to the Future

May 11, 2010

john mauldin

Source: John Mauldin's "Thoughts from the Frontline" — March 6, 2010 | John Mauldin

We are in an era of accelerating change, moving toward a future that will be profoundly different from the past we grew up in. But what will the nature of that change be? What will the future look like?

For the last 7 days I have been in an executive program designed by Singularity University to give some insight into that complex question.… read more

Singularity University Blog | SU presents David Orban and “The Internet of Things”

July 27, 2009
David Orban

Source: Singularity University Blog — Jul 27, 2009 | Singularity University staff

The Internet of Things, and Spime Design Workshop

What happens when we move from billions of mobile phones around us, to networks made of ten, one hundred or one thousand times more nodes? What are going to be the necessary features of these networks, which will constitute the Internet of Things? How can we think about, and must start planning for the nature of this new fundamental entity quickly… read more

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