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Creative Communities of the World Magazine | Visual Effects for The Singularity Is Near: The Movie

January 1, 2010

Ramona, a virtual person, in a scene from the movie (Image:

Source: Creative Communities of the World Magazine — December 21, 2009 | Tony Hudson

Based on Ray Kurzweil’s New York Times bestselling book, this is a documentary scheduled for release in late 2009. It is a documentary with a storyline woven through it, similar to What the BLEEP Do We Know?

I was the on-set Visual Effects Supervisor, the Effects Art Director, and Supervised the completion of over 400 greenscreen, set extension and matte painting shots in 8 months. The elephant animation is… read more

Singularity Hub | 4 Singularity movies — The world wants the future

August 13, 2009

Singularity Hub logo

Source: Singularity Hub — August 13, 2009 | Aaron Saenz

With four films coming out less than a year apart, it’s a pretty cool time to be interested in the future and the growth of intelligence. That’s right, four movies on the Singularity! In a year’s span. It’s kind of nuts: Transcendent Man debuted earlier this year, The Singularity Film and The Singularity Is Near will both premier before year’s end, and… read more

Kurzweil to present sneak previews of Singularity Is Near and Transcendent Man films at Coolidge Corner Theatre

May 6, 2009

coolidge corner theater

Ray Kurzweil will present an exclusive preview of excerpts from the much-anticipated forthcoming movie The Singularity Is Near at The Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, Mass. on Monday, May 11 at 7pm.

The special program, An Evening with Ray Kurzweil, is part of the Coolidge Corner Theatre’s acclaimed “Science on Screen” series.… read more

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