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Times Herald-Record | Woodstock Film Festival entry probes artificial intelligence

September 30, 2010


Source: Times Herald-Record — September 29, 2010 | Deborah Medenbach

Exponential progress is barely noticeable when it first gets started, but are we headed for an arc to the sky in human development that might make the “human” part optional?

Futurist/inventor Ray Kurzweil comes to the Woodstock Film Festival this year with his film The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology, based on his bestselling book of the same title.

“You can have an… read more

h+ magazine | The Singularity Is Near: The Movie Sneak Preview is Awesome!

April 21, 2010

Sonoma Film Festival

Source: h+ magazine — April 19, 2010 | R.U. Sirius

There were many moments of high irony before we Sonoma Film Festival attendees got to preview a somewhat unfinished version of The Singularity Is Near: The Movie — based on the Ray Kurzweil book of the same name. The lights went down, the anticipation rose and we waited in the dark… and waited… with various people shouting mildly snarky comments. Mine was: “John Cage’s version of the Singularity.” A… read more

The Film Panel Notetaker | Panel discussion on The Singularity Is Near at Woodstock Film Festival

October 27, 2010


Source: The Film Panel Notetaker — September 30, 2010 | Brian Geldin

Film Synopsis | Film directed by: Anthony Waller and Ray Kurzweil. The future: human history and mythology have been consumed with foretelling it, traveling to it and depicting it in our pop culture. “Science Fiction” futures are imagined where robots have equaled or surpassed human intelligence and we have conquered disease through genetics and technology. Is that future becoming reality? In Anthony Waller’s The Singularity Is Near,… read more

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