Kurzweil responds to German newspaper on Shuttle disaster and Iraq

February 3, 2003 | Source: KurzweilAI

Frankfurter Allgemeine asked Ray Kurzweil if there would be any effects on the American psyche from the Columbia Shuttle disaster in relation to going to war with Iraq.

“Technology has always had a downside, from tragic failure as in today’s Shuttle disaster, to misappropriation as in the events of 9-11. Americans are hardly unique in their perception of this intertwined promise and peril of technology,” said Kurzweil.

“With regard to Iraq, it is the latter concern –- the potential misuse of powerful weapons –- that motivates the desire to disarm Iraq. But concern with the former downside –- the failure to perform as expected -– is certainly paramount in the case of war. Americans have a ‘can do’ attitude and this tragedy is unlikely to change America’s attitude. If it has any effect at all, it will stiffen American resolve.”