Kurzweil to discuss radical life-extension and the Singularity at Alcor conference

September 30, 2002 | Source: KurzweilAI

Ray Kurzweil will present a comprehensive program for extending longevity and vitality that he devised in collaboration with longevity expert Terry Grossman, M.D. in “A Bridge to a Bridge to a Bridge,” a talk at the Fifth Alcor Conference on Extreme Life Extension in Newport Beach, CA, November 15-17. Based on correcting imbalances in metabolic processes, the program is the subject of a forthcoming book and is a “bridge to the full blossoming of the biotechnology revolution, which in turn will be a bridge to the nanotechnology-AI (artificial intelligence) revolution,” says Kurzweil. “The latter revolution will radically redefine our concept of human mortality.”

It will also help us “live to see (and enjoy!) the ‘Singularity,’ a profound transformation in what it means to be human, which will arrive by mid century.” “The Singularity is Near” will be the topic of another Kurzweil talk at the conference. “When nonbiological intelligence matches the range and subtlety of human intelligence, it will necessarily soar past it because of the continuing acceleration of information-based technologies,” he explains. “Intelligent nanorobots will provide vastly extended longevity, full-immersion virtual reality incorporating all of the senses, experience ‘beaming,’ and enhanced human intelligence. The implication will be an intimate merger between the technology-creating species and the evolutionary process it spawned.”

Registration for the event is $475 by Oct. 30, a $100 saving. Call 800-482-6791 for more information.