Limitless, Minority Report sequels coming to TV

May 15, 2015

Limitless, a TV series sequel to the movie, picks up after the events of the film. Edward Mora (Bradley Cooper), now a powerful senator and presidential hopeful, reveals the power of the mysterious drug NZT to Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) — who is then coerced by the FBI into using his newfound cognitive abilities to solve complex cases. Cooper is also executive producer.

Fall 2015. More at

Minority Report (Fox) will be based on the film by Steven Spielberg (and the first of his films to be adapted for television). The show follows the unlikely partnership between a man haunted by the future and a cop haunted by her past, as they race to stop the worst crimes of the year 2065 before they happen.

Set in Washington, D.C., it is 10 years after the demise of Precrime, a law enforcement agency tasked with identifying and eliminating criminals — before their crimes were committed. The agency used three child precogs who were able to see the future. Now, in 2065, crime-solving is different, and justice leans more on sophisticated and trusted technology than on the instincts of the precogs.

Dash (Stark Sands) —  one of the three precogs freed at the end of the film and now driven by his terrifying but fragmented visions — has returned in secret to help police detective Lara Vega (Meagan Good) attempt to stop the murders that he predicts.

Fall 2015. More at Fox.