Looking Backward: 2050-2013

July 30, 2013
author |
Ravi Morey
year published |

Picture the United States in the year 2025, desperately hobbled by a financial crisis brought on by a tax slicing Republican president. Imagine the country making a plaintive appeal to a newly democratized China to save itself from utter obsolescence. It could just happen, and what’s more, America may just come to like it. Looking Backward:2050-2011 is the prescient, provocative work of political fiction that envisions a new map of the world. Written by a fictional historian in the year 2050, Looking Backward:2050-2013 charts the world changing developments of the previous recent years. It draws from our current tumultuous state of affairs to create a plausible scenario for the decades to come. Will America be forced to cede its status as a superpower to the hands of a newly prosperous country like China or India?Are we heading for an invasion of Iran in the coming years? Is the country revving up for another catastrophic financial crisis? With uncanny clairvoyance, it casts an unflinching eye on the past twelve years to portray future elections in the major nations of the world. Along the way, readers are bound to gain riveting insight on the dynamic and bumpy years ahead.

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