Mae-Wan Ho

July 11, 2009

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, long-time critic of neo-Darwinism and genetic engineering and pioneer of a “physics of organisms,” is one of the most influential and widely sought-after speakers in the new paradigm of organic science. As Director and co-founder of the Institute of Science in Society and scientific advisor to the Third World Network, she has had plenty of opportunity to put her science in action.

She has more than 500 publications and a dozen books spanning several disciplines, including The Rainbow and the Worm, the Physics of Organisms (1993, 1998, 2008), Genetic Engineering Dream or Nightmare? (1998, 1999, 2008), Living with the Fluid Genome (2003), Unravelling AIDS (2005), Which Energy? (2006), Food Futures Now, Organic, Sustainable, Fossil Fuel Free (2008), Green Energies (2009) She also edits the radical science magazine, Science in Society (

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