MegaMinds: How to Create and Invent in the Age of Google

July 16, 2013
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Larry Kilham
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MegaMinds: How to Create and Invent in the Age of Google describes how people think creatively and how to use the computer clouds for more success. Steps and examples provide practical guidance for the reader’s projects. A number of people, industries, and development areas are discussed. Larry Kilham reviews the major thinkers such as da Vinci, Edison and Einstein and then moves on to the latest in computer-aided thinking. He reviews artificial intelligence and highlights its limitations and then goes on to explore the possibilities offered by Google and Web-based intelligence.

Examples of MegaMinds at work are drawn from a wide variety of applications ranging from inventing birdfeeders to designing complex jumbo jets. Larry Kilham combines historical research, current laboratory studies using such modern techniques as fMRI, and his own experience as an inventor with several successful patents in complex areas. He offers pointers along the way for everyone from home inventors and technical problem solvers to research teams seeking to utilize the best in cognitive science and computer technology.

MegaMinds explains complex and current topics in engaging style that will appeal to everyone from casual readers to scientists and engineers. The book is profusely illustrated with detailed and color illustrations and a slide show.

Larry Kilham is a speaker and consultant specializing in new product development for high tech companies. He and his family are successful inventors and entrepreneurs with many patents and awards. Larry has a master’s degree from MIT and has founded three companies.

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