Mind control puts you in charge of driverless cars

February 22, 2011 | Source: New Scientist One Per Cent

(New Scientist)

Engineers at the Free University of Berlin in Germany have developed a largely autonomous car whose speed and direction can be reportedly overridden by the driver’s thoughts.

Using laser radars, microwave radars and stereo cameras, the car can perform 360-degree obstacle detection and sense a car in front up to 200 meters away.

The FU Berlin team got a volunteer to wear an off-the-shelf mind-control headset containing 16 electroencephelogram (EEG) sensors. Made by Emotiv of San Francisico, the $300 system is supplied with a software development kit that allows users to train it to sense brainwave patterns indicative of certain thoughts. The team got their brain-controlled Passat working well in trials at an abandoned airport.