MIT Technology Review Mobile Summit

Dates: June 10 – 11, 2013
Location: San Francisco, California

Explore the Future of the Mobile Revolution

The MIT Technology Review Mobile Summit examines the benefits, risks and opportunities we are seeing in mobile, and introduces attendees to the disruptive business and technology leaders in the field.

MIT Technology Review’s mission is to identify important new technologies—deciphering their practical impact and revealing how they will change our lives.
Our live events bring that mission, and our journalism, to life through thought-provoking experiences inviting attendees to probe deeper, examine data and to meet experts—hearing their opinions and discovering their work first-hand. Summits gather a single industry’s experts to give audiences the inside track.

The year ahead promises radical advances in many areas of emerging technology. The rapid adoption of mobile technologies around the world will continue to impact our personal and professional lives in unexpected ways. New technologies will be put to the test as we seek solutions to our shared human problems in areas from energy and climate to health, education, and even traffic.

Where will the most significant breakthroughs take place this year?

In 2013, MIT Technology Review Events will bring this conversation to life, providing access to the innovators working on new technologies that will define the way we work and live in the coming years.