Miniature portable device produces biopharmaceuticals on demand at point-of-care

System will use microbes for manufacturing small amounts of vaccines and other therapeutics
August 1, 2016

Microbioreactor, a polycarbonate-PDMS membrane-polycarbonate sandwiched chip with active microfluidic circuits that are equipped for pneumatic routing of reagents, precise peristaltic injection, growth chamber mixing, and fluid extraction. (credit: Pablo Perez-Pinera et al./Nature Communications)

Study reveals new measure of intelligence involving temporal variability of brain areas

Results could be applied to building advanced deep neural networks and treating mental-health patients
August 1, 2016

Whole-brain temporal (time) variability is high in areas associated with intelligence and low in sensory cortices (credit: Jie Zhang et al./Brain)

Why prolonged sitting may increase risk of death

But an hour of moderate exercise a day is enough to counter health risks, say scientists in Lancet, based on data from 1 million men and women
July 29, 2016


New movie display allows for glasses-free 3-D for a theater audience

July 29, 2016

A new prototype display could show 3-D movies to any seat in a theater, with no eyewear required. (credit: Christine Daniloff / MIT)

Electric brain stimulation during sleep found to enhance motor memory consolidation

May be new treatment paradigm for neurological and psychiatric disorders
July 29, 2016

Feedback-Controlled Spindle tACS ft

Imaging the brain at multiple size scales

New technique can reveal both subcellular details and long-range connections
July 27, 2016

A new technique called magnified analysis of proteome (MAP), developed at MIT, allows researchers to peer at molecules within cells or take a wider view of the long-range connections between neurons. (credit: Courtesy of the researchers)

Neuroscience researchers caution public about hidden risks of self-administered brain stimulation

DIY users of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) seek enhanced brain function; scientific community warns of unintended results
July 27, 2016

TheBrainDriver v.2.0 tDCS device (credit: TheBrainDriver, LLC)

Flirtey drone delivers Reno 7-Eleven slurpies in first commercial drone delivery to a residence

Meanwhile, hampered by new FAA rules, Amazon Prime Air testing moves to the UK
July 27, 2016

Flirty 7-Eleven delivery (credit: 7-Eleven)

Placenta-on-a-chip models the vital mother-fetus placental barrier

Will help in studies on preterm birth
July 25, 2016

The flash-drive-sized device contains two layers of human cells that model the interface between mother and fetus. Microfluidic channels on either side of those layers allow researchers to study how molecules are transported through, or are blocked by, that interface. (credit: University of Pennsylvania)

Cinnamon may be the latest nootropic

July 25, 2016

(credit: The Great American Spice Co.)

Americans worried about gene editing, brain chip implants, and synthetic blood

July 25, 2016

Whole-brain imaging method identifies common brain disorders

New chemical allows for measuring the density of synapses in the entire brain in vivo for the first time, using a PET scan
July 22, 2016

Human synaptic density ft

Distinct stages of thinking revealed by brain activity patterns

July 22, 2016

four stages ft

Mental, physical exercises found to produce different brain benefits

July 22, 2016

(credit: iStock)

Facebook’s internet-beaming drone completes first test flight

July 21, 2016

(credit: Facebook)

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