New nanomanufacturing technique for extremely high-resolution imaging, biological sensing

December 16, 2015


Social-media news consumers at higher risk of ‘information bubbles’

How "friends" or people you “follow” limit your sphere of information by keeping you in a “collective social bubble”
December 16, 2015

social-media effects

Stanford researcher scans his own brain for a year and a half — the most studied in the world

Psychologist experiments on himself, documenting his neural, metabolic, and genetic changes over 18 months
December 16, 2015

fMRI scan

How much TV you watch as a young adult may affect midlife cognitive function

December 15, 2015

(credit: iStock)

ASCB Celldance 2015 premieres three videos featuring live cell imaging

December 15, 2015

cancer-cell invasion

New microscope creates near-real-time videos of nanoscale processes

December 15, 2015

A new high-speed microscope produces images of chemical processes taking place at the nanoscale, at a rate that is close to real-time video. This closeup shot of the microscope shows transparent tubes used to inject various liquids into the imaging environment. This liquid can be water, acid, buffer solution for live bacteria, cells, or electrolytes in an electrochemical process. Researchers use one as an inlet and the other as an outlet to circulate and refresh the solutions throughout an experiment. (credit: Jose-Luis Olivares/MIT)

New transparent metal films may radically reduce costs for smartphone, tablet and TV displays

December 14, 2015

calcium vanadate

New mass spectral imaging instrument maps cells’ composition in 3-D at more than 100 times higher resolution

May allow for analysis of effects of new medications to combat disease and to customize treatments, identify sources of pathogens, or investigate new ways to overcome antibiotic resistance
December 14, 2015

The instrument developed at Colorado State University (credit: William Cotton/Colorado State University)

Will this DNA molecular switch replace conventional transistors?

December 14, 2015

The A-form of DNA between two electrodes. (credit: UC Davis)

Musk, others commit $1 billion to non-profit AI research company to ‘benefit humanity’

Open-sourcing AI development to prevent an AI superpower takeover
December 11, 2015

OpenAI ft

MIT invention could boost resolution of 3-D depth cameras 1,000-fold

Imagine 3-D depth cameras built into cellphones, 3-D printing replicas, and driverless cars with clear vision in rain, snow, or fog
December 11, 2015

Kinect - laser scanner

How to create a synthesized actor performance in post-production

More Disney Research magic
December 11, 2015

facial blind ft

Shaking out the nanomaterials: a new method to purify water

December 10, 2015

nanoparticles in water ft

Periodic table of protein complexes helps predict novel protein structures

December 10, 2015

An interactive Periodic Table of Protein Complexes is available at (credit: EMBL-EBI / Spencer Phillips)

Worm research in life extension leads scientists to discover new metric to track aging

Living longer usually means a living longer in old age, but wouldn't it better to extend young adulthood instead?
December 10, 2015

C. elegans nematode worm (credit: The Goldstein Lab)

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