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Some updates to improve your reader experience.
July 17, 2018

Dear readers,

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We will soon be upgrading the account subscription section sign-up and account management tool, and adding new features to the newsletter. This will simplify your ability to change your subscribed e-mail and other account settings.

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Our summer season publishing schedule is Tuesday + Friday evenings.

We’ll be updating the subscription account section to merge both daily and weekly subscriptions into this new, simpler format and upgrading with some new tools — to improve your reader experience.

For our readers who’ve asked about a mobile version of this website, we’re still researching that and we do understand that the lower menu is not tablet device or smart phone compatible. As we continue to upgrade over the summer, we’ll be looking into smaller format reading for our subscribers hoping to read on iPad, mobile phones or other tablets.

Thank you for reading and enjoy!

managing editor