Nick Herbert

May 11, 2012

Nick Herbert

Nick Herbert graduated from Ohio State University in Engineering Physics (1959), received his PhD from Stanford University (1967), worked  as Senior Physicist at Memorex and Smith-Corona in Silicon Valley on the physics of magnetic, electrostatic and photographic media as well as developing early versions of the now-ubiquitous ink-jet printer. For a dozen years with Saul-Paul Sirag he led invitational seminars on physics foundations at Esalen Institute, Big Sur.

He is the author of the following books: “Quantum Reality” (1985), “Faster Than Light” (1988), “Elemental Mind” (1993), “Alice and the Quantum Cat“–with William Shanley (2011) and two chapbooks “Physics on All Fours” (2000) and “Harlot Nature” (2012).

Nick devised the shortest proof of Bell’s Theorem to date, had a hand in the Quantum No-Cloning Theorem, invented the “Metaphase Typewriter” and is currently obsessed with a new way of connecting with the world he calls Quantum Tantra. He recently discovered a brand new law nof nature–”A pair of quanta cannot be wed” ( )–while exploring a new FTL signaling scheme and formulated a physics-based restriction on psychic powers he calls “Nick’s Theorem”. Nick was recently featured in David Kaiser’s “How the Hippies Saved Physics” and maintains a blog at

Quantum Tantra