Nova Spivack

July 11, 2009

Nova Spivack’s life reads like a novel. He has done everything from going into space and launching a business with a record-breaking IPO, to hanging out in Tibetan monasteries and inventing new technology that has changed tech as we know it.

Nova is a long-time serial entrepreneur in the technology industry. In the late 80s and early 90s, he worked with leading technology ventures like Kurzweil Computer Products, Individual, and Thinking Machines. In 1994, he co-founded one of the first Internet companies, EarthWeb (IPO: 1998), which generated (IPO: 2007). He then worked with SRI to co-found their business incubator, nVention.

He has co-authored several books on Internet strategy and technology, and he speaks and writes widely on the future of the Web. He also advises global corporations, governments, non-profits, startups, and venture funds on technology strategy. In addition, he has authored dozens of granted and pending patents.

Nova earned his BA in Philosophy from Oberlin College (with a focus on cognitive science and artificial intelligence) and a professional degree from the International Space University, the business school for the space industry. He has participated in research at MIT on emergent computation. Nova is also the grandson of the management guru, Dr. Peter F. Drucker and shares his interests in organizations and knowledge work.

In 1999, Nova helped pioneer the early days of space tourism when he flew to the edge of space with Space Adventures and did micro-gravity parabolic flight training with the Russian air force. He continues to maintain his involvement in space as an investor in Space Adventures.

Nova advises clients, angel invests, and develops in his own new ventures through his intellectual property company, Lucid Ventures.

His weblog, Minding the Planet, focuses on Radar Networks and emerging technologies.

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