Patent for ‘ethical AI’ issued

July 2, 2003 | Source: KurzweilAI

A U.S. patent for “ethical artificial intelligence” was issued today. The “Inductive Inference Affective Language Analyzer Simulating Artificial Intelligence” patent (No. 6,587,846) was issued to inventor/author John E. LaMuth.

“It enables a computer to reason and speak in an ethical fashion, serving in roles specifying sound human judgement, such as public relations or security functions,” LaMuth said. “This innovation is completely novel in its ability to simulate emotionally charged language: an achievement that has previously eluded AI researchers due to the lack of an adequate model of motivation in general.”

The AI platform is “organized as a tandem-nested expert system, composed of a primary affective-language analyzer overseen by a master control-unit (that coordinates the verbal interactions over real time). Through an elaborate matching procedure, the precise motivational parameters are accurately determined … which serve as the basis for a response repertoire tailored to the computer.”

Uses include switchboard/receptionist and personal assistant/companion, he said.