Pathways to the Future: The Robot Revolt

May 29, 2014
author |
David Mills
year published |

Sandra Lightning was a hybrid: part computer, all woman. Her job: secretly penetrate the largest robot manufacturing company on Earth, use her unique talents to spy on them, find out what secret plans they are fermenting and investigate the role of their robots in several mysterious deaths.

Sandra is joined by Denver Smith, forced to leave his comfortable niche as a graduate student when his life is threatened. Together, they must forge a path through a future — only thirty years from now — when computers and automation have taken over most of our jobs, when computers have started to become smarter than the humans who make them, when superintelligent machines have begun to control armies of armed robots and when, at the same time, some humans have chosen to merge with computers.

Denver and Sandra explore new ground in the relationship between human and hybrid as they lead the complex struggle against intelligent computers and robotic soldiers. A fast-paced, sometimes humorous, sometimes sexy look at our near future.