Peter Plantec

July 11, 2009

A freelance consultant in virtual human design and animation, Peter is Co-founder of Virtual Personalities, Inc. with Dr. Michael Mauldin (Lycos). While serving as president, he initiated the “Sylvie” project. Sylvie was the first commercially available virtual human interface. He is also author of a #1 bestseller on 3D animation, Caligari trueSpace2 Bible. It remained in the top ten for over a year and still retains five stars at Amazon. Peter has also served as Art Director for Marlin Studios, Arlington, Texas (game development) and has taught animation at Silicon Studios in Santa Monica, CA.

Peter is contributing editor of AV Video/Multimedia Producer Magazine He lives near Aspen Colorado’s Physics Center, where he is an avid physics buff.

His early career included being a division director at Operations Research, Inc., where he authored the first report to the U. S. Congress on education of the gifted and talented. This report lead to the first Federal funding of Gifted programs. He later co-founded and headed Human Resources Management, Inc. in Washington DC. The corporation provided U. S. expertise in agriculture, education and community infrastructure development to several developing nations in Africa.

Moving to Aspen, Plantec opened what became America’s premiere children’s ski shop, Junior Mountain Sports, Inc. and he became an internationally recognized children’s skiwear designer. Peter is also a clinical psychologist. In Colorado, he owned and practiced at the Aspen Stress Management Clinic and the Carbondale Family Counseling Center.

Moving to California in 1993, Peter headed Dreamscape Productions, an entertainment think tank, bringing together great minds to explore the convergence of science, education and entertainment. He currently writes a personality column entitled Plantec’s Punch for AV Video/Multimedia Producer Magazine.

Plantec has become a recognized authority in visual entertainment. He hosts Animation Magazine’s annual “Peter Plantec’s Entirely Biased Golden Pixie” Awards, He is a frequent speaker at universities and professional conferences worldwide. He has also been featured with virtual human, Sylvie on television shows both in the US and Europe. His topics range from blending artistry and technology to virtual-human personality design.

Plantec lives high in the Rockies near Aspen, with his wife, two cats and two very large dogs.

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