PopTech Camden 2012: Toward Resilence

Dates: October 17 – 20, 2012
Location: Camden, Maine

After a decade defined by disruption and volatility of every kind, a new critical conversation is emerging, focused on resilience.

How do we create economic, social, educational, economic, technological, political and ecological systems that ‘bounce back’ from disruption, that retain their integrity and purpose under the widest variety of conditions? How do we build better shock absorbers for our communities, our planet and ourselves? What are the policies, platforms and priorities that will lead us toward a more resilient future? How do we create a more resilient America?

For three days in October 2012, PopTech will bring together a visionary and eclectic network of renowned scientists, technologists, designers, educators, corporate leaders, social and ecological innovators, artists and others to explore these questions, their answers, and their implications. It promises to be a rich and powerful dialogue – one that might change how you see yourself, your organization and the world.