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Slate | Recommended blogs

November 14, 2012

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Source: Slate — November 10, 2012

Forbes | In defense of small data

March 30, 2012

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Source: Forbes — March 30, 2012 | Bruce Upbin

The very term Big Data implies that quantity is paramount, and some people speak as if they expect accelerating returns. If my database grows 100X bigger then I can mine insights that are 100X or even 300X bigger, right?  Wrong! In my experience, more of the same type of data provides only modest & incremental insights, not a quantum leap. [...]

MSNBC Cosmic Log | More meditations of immortality

July 21, 2010

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Source: MSNBC Cosmic Log — July 19, 2010 | Alan Boyle

Is immortality possible? Is it desirable? Last week we delved into the topic of extreme life extension with futurist/inventor Ray Kurzweil and took note of an anti-aging initiative proposed by British gerontologist Aubrey de Grey and his colleagues. Now David Despain has pointed me toward his interview with de Grey, posted to the KurzweilAI website. Give it a look, and weigh in with your second thoughts.

David Kirkpatrick's Blog | Nano, solar and other news

April 30, 2010

David Kirkpatrick blog

Source: David Kirkpatrick's Blog — March 28, 2008 | David Kirkpatrick

News Highlights | Nano, solar and other news filed under: business, science, technology — tags: graphene,, nanotechnology, nanotubes, quantum computer, self assembly, silicon, solar energy — davidkirkpatrick @ 3:39 pm. Different format today for the newsletter highlights.

There is so much good stuff I’m dropping bits directly from the newsletter. Today features solar, stretchy silicon, quantum computing news, self assembly, electricity producing nanotubes, and a… read more

BBC | Michio Kaku’s Visions of the Future related reading

September 10, 2009
visions of the future

Source: BBC — 2008 | BBC Documentaries

Related Reading: Want to know more about the questions and possibilities raised by Michio Kaku’s series Visions of the Future? Here are just some of the books and websites which cover the fascinating ground covered by the series. Useful Links: — website on futurism and the singularity.”

The Boston Globe | The Friday Five: Forecasters and Futurists

August 13, 2009

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Source: The Boston Globe — July 24, 2009 | Scott Kirsner

Every Friday, I’ll serve up a list of five things worth knowing about. This week, it’s the best forecasters and futurists in the Boston area. Want to know what’s next? Add these folks to your bookmarks or RSS feeds: tracks somewhat unnerving topics like the convergence of biology and technology (need a chip in your brain to assist your recall?) — but also covers areas like cleantech and… read more

Foreign Policy Magazine | Net Effect — how technology shapes the world: expert sitings with Isaac Mao

August 13, 2009

Source: Foreign Policy Magazine — June 2009 | Isaac Mao

“ The website of futurist Ray Kurzweil is my go-to source for the latest news and commentary on technology and artificial intelligence. Through a weekly e-mail newsletter, Kurzweil highlights the best theories and visions of how science and technology can make the world a better place.”

About Isaac Mao | Isaac Mao is cofounder of the Social Brain Foundation and vice president of Shanghai-based United Capital Investment Group.… read more

Current TV | mention on air

August 13, 2009

Source: Current TV — August 2009 | Jason Silva & Max Lugavere

Asimov's Science Fiction | On the Net: Singular

September 11, 2008

Source: Asimov's Science Fiction — December 2001 | James Patrick Kelly

“…You’ll find lively essays by diverse hands about the Singularity on, including “Tearing Toward the Spike” by Australian scifi writer Damien Broderick; “What is Friendly AI?” by Eliezer S. Yudkowsky, a force in the Singularitarian community; “Singularity Math Trialogue” by Kurzweil, Moravec, and Vinge (actually an exchange of email); and an excerpt from Kurweil’s next book, The Singularity Is Near.

“As an aside, I should add that… read more

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