Project Holodeck hands-on demo and interview with director Nathan Burba

February 12, 2013

Project Holodeck (credit: Road to VR)

Recently I got a chance to meet up with Project Holodeck director Nathan Burba, Ben Lang writes at Road to VR.

Not only did we sit down for a detailed interview, but I was also fortunate enough to get a hands-on demo of the system. Project Holodeck is an immersive virtual reality multiplayer platform. …

Project Holodeck, which will actually be using the Oculus Rift once it’s available, is more than just a head mounted display (VR headset). It is a fully immersive platform that provides avatar embodiment -– the sense of literally stepping into the game world (with more than just your head).

Instead of controlling your character in the Holodeck with a controller, you simply are the character; you walk, reach, grab, and look around the world just like you would in real life. The system tracks your movements in 6-degrees of freedom which means you are free to walk, jump, crouch, and lean and it will be faithfully represented in the game world.

Project Holodeck is still a ways from completion. But the team, working out of USC, has put together something very promising. …