Qualcomm & AT&T look to accelerate the Internet of Things

January 8, 2013

Internet of Everything (credit: Cisco)

Qualcomm and AT&T want to make the process of creating Internet of Things (IoT) devices and applications easier, ReadWrite Mobile reports.

The companies announced a joint project called the Internet of Everything development platform to decrease time to market for IoT projects

It’s based on Qualcomm’s QSC6270-Turbo chipset and Gobi modem for 3G connections, and uses AT&T’s cellular data bandwidth to connect things to the Web.

Qualcomm and AT&T join a growing community of machine-to-machine (M2M) companies working to make the Internet of Things possible. The leaders in M2M development over the last several years have been companies like Cosm, Numerex and KORETelematics, while other consumer- or enterprise-focused companies like Google (with Android) and Research In Motion (with its QNX-based BlackBerry 10 system) also have software platforms that could provide the capability to integrate items like home utilities and aspects of automobiles on the Web.

Qualcomm and AT&T mention healthcare, energy and automotive as sectors that will be able to use the Internet of Things to provide tracking, remote control, and analytics.