Ray Kurzweil appears in Super Bowl ad as ‘mobile innovator’

February 5, 2012

(credit: Best Buy)

This segment from the Best Buy “Mobile Innovators” TV commercial ran on NBC’s Super Bowl 2012 broadcast (video below):

“I’m Ray Kurzweil. I gave your words a voice.”

This refers to Ray’s text-to-speech invention. Text-to-speech is utilized on mobile devices by enabling the reading of information for a visually challenged person, or it may be used to augment the reading of a text message or email. It is often used with voice recognition to answer questions.

Best Buy’s commercial reveals 10 technology innovators who have changed the way we use our phones and culminates with Best Buy’s own contribution to the process. Other  mobile innovators include (videos here):

  • Philippe Kahn: created the camera phone and MotionX
  • Neil Papworth: sent the first SMS message
  • Paul & David Bettner: created Words With Friends
  • Kevin Systrom: creator of the Instagram free photo sharing application
  • Jim McKelvey: created Square Mobile Pay
  • Chris Barton and Avery Wang: helped create Shazam
  • Daniel Henderson: video sharing