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Bloomberg TV Taking Stock | Pimm Fox interviews Ray Kurzweil: how technology will save the world

December 13, 2012

Ray Kurzweil with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg TV

Bloomberg TV | Ray Kurzweil, author of How to Create a Mind, discusses reverse-engineering the human brain. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s Taking Stock.

Bloomberg TV Taking Stock | “Kurzweil on how technology will save the world”

Brian Hoffstein’s two questions for Ray Kurzweil

March 9, 2012

Ray Kurzweil interviewed by Brian Hoffstein

Brian Hoffstein | Filmed right before his talk in Los Angeles, I got a chance to briefly speak with Ray Kurzweil — the futurist extraordinaire and prophet of the Singularity.

Brian Hoffstein, contributing writer on Big Think

C-SPAN BookTV: In Depth | Pedro Echevarria interviews Ray Kurzweil

November 5, 2006

Ray Kurzweil on CSPAN BookTV In Depth

C-SPAN BookTV: In Depth | Host Pedro Echevarria interviews author, inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil about his life and work. Topics included expanding human intelligence with machines, human pattern recognition, inventing machines to help persons with sensory disabilities, and artificial intelligence.

He responded to viewer calls and electronic mail. Included were video clips of Mr. Kurzweil’s appearance on I’ve Got a Secret in 1965, a demonstration of his female… read more

Video Source: C-SPAN | BookTV: In Depth

BookTV: In Depth

‘Charlie Rose’ on November 1, 2005

November 1, 2005

Video Source: ‘Charlie Rose’

CNET | Ina Fried interviews Ray Kurzweil

January 7, 2010

Ray Kurzweil on CNET on digital reading

CNET | The future of reading: Ray Kurzweil knows a little something about e-readers. The computing pioneer, who among other things helped develop modern text recognition software, has been working to use digital technology to improve reading for the past 30 years. His latest project, Blio, is an effort to improve the emerging electronic book field with software that turns e-books into more than just a digital… read more

Video Source: CNET

CNET | Ray Kurzweil tries to build a better e-reader

CNET | Molly Wood interviews Ray Kurzweil at SXSW

March 14, 2012

Ray Kurzweil with Molly Wood on CNET

CNET | Ray Kurzweil at SXSW: Molly Wood sits down with Ray Kurzweil, futurist and author, to discuss his predictions of technology and humanity, space, and his upcoming book.

Video Source: CNET

CNN Glenn Beck | Glenn Beck interviews Ray Kurzweil: April 2008

August 23, 2010

Glenn Beck Man and Machine

CNN Glenn Beck | From human to humanoid — pattern recognition pioneer Ray Kurzweil says, “Computers will have consciousness in just 25 years.”

Video Source: CNN | Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck website

CNN Glenn Beck | Glenn Beck interviews Ray Kurzweil: May 2008

May 30, 2008

Glenn Beck Future of Man and Machine

CNN Glenn Beck | The future of man and machine: Visionary thinker and futurist Ray Kurzweil is here, changing the way we are about to think about our future.

Video Source: CNN | Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck website
CNN | transcript of this show

Comedy Central The Colbert Report | Stephen Colbert interviews Ray Kurzweil

April 12, 2011


Comedy Central The Colbert Report | Ray Kurzweil believes man and machine are becoming one. Kurzweil predicts that people will merge with technology and become a billion times smarter by 2045. Kurzweil and Stephen Colbert discussed nanobots in the body (“Millions of tiny nanobots into our blood system — is there any way that couldn’t turn into a horror movie?” Colbert asked), uploading into a computer, the Singularity (“Will I have six-pack… read more

Video Source: Comedy Central | The Colbert Report

Colbert Nation
Transcendent Man film website

Comedy Central The Daily Show | Jon Stewart interviews Ray Kurzweil: August 2006

August 23, 2006

Ray Kurzweil on The Daily Show

Video Source: Comedy Central | The Daily Show

The Daily Show

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