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This section is a collection of both current and archived Ray Kurzweil television interviews and appearances, as well as footage from events and institutional collections.

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‘Charlie Rose’ on November 1, 2005

November 1, 2005

Video Source: ‘Charlie Rose’

Ryerson University & rdigitalife | Ramona Pringle interviews Ray Kurzweil

January 24, 2012

Ray Kurzweil on rdigitalife

rdigitalife | What does it mean to be human in today’s wired world? Join host Ramona Pringle as she speaks with leading experts & creative thinkers to hear what they have to say about the evolving relationship between humanity and technology. This wired world is our digital life, and we want to hear what you think. So join the conversation, voice your questions and share your experiences.

Source: Ryerson University |… read more

SVForum | 2013 Visionary Award: Ray Kurzweil with son Ethan Kurzweil introduction

July 5, 2013

SVForum | Listen to and be inspired by our 2013 Visionary Award honorees: Steve Blank, Peter Diamandis, Padma Warrior & Ray Kurzweil at our June 26, 2013 event. Each year SVForum honors industry leaders who have pioneered innovation and fostered the spirit of entrepreneurship. These visionaries and distinguished business leaders continue to shape Silicon Valley.

Ray Kurzweil and son Ethan Kurzweil present at 40 minutes and 00 seconds on… read more

MSNBC The Dylan Ratigan Show | Dylan Ratigan interviews Ray Kurzweil and Barry Ptolemy

March 1, 2011

dylan ratigan show robot revolution

MSNBC The Dylan Ratigan Show | Prepare to evolve, the robot revolution: Dylan Ratigan interviews Ray Kurzweil and film director Barry Ptolemy on the themes of the Transcendent Man documentary and the coming merger of humans with machine intelligence. The panel talks about the latest steps toward an explosion in the field of artificial intelligence.

Video Source: MSNBC | The Dylan Ratigan Show

MSNBC The Dylan Ratigan Show
Dylan Ratigan website

Time | At SXSW Time’s Lev Grossman interviews Ray Kurzweil

March 15, 2012

time magazine logo

Time | at SXSW Interactive 2012, Time’s own Lev Grossman was at the annual South by Southwest festival in Austin, TX, where he interviewed author and futurist Ray Kurzweil (The Singularity Is Near) during an interactive keynote at 2 p.m. CT titled “Expanding Our Intelligence Without Limit.”  The renowned futurist discusses the rapid pace of recent technological change in a mind-expanding keynote conversation about our future.

Big Think | Ray Kurzweil explains the coming Singularity

April 28, 2009

Ray Kurzweil on Big Think on biotechnology

Big Think | By 2045, we’ll have expanded the intelligence of our human machine civilization a billion fold. That will result in a technological singularity, a point beyond which it’s hard to imagine. He answers the question: “How will Singularity develop over the next 20 years?”

Big Think

Video Source: Big Think

CSPAN BookTV | Ray Kurzweil, How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed, hosted by Ingrid Wickelgren, Scientific American Mind editor

December 22, 2012

CSPAN BookTV How to Create a Mind

Click here to watch the full show: CSPAN | BookTV: “Ray Kurzweil, How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed, hosted by Ingrid Wickelgren, Scientific American Mind editor”

About the Program: The influential theorist draws on the most recent neuroscience research to reverse-engineer the brain and apply what’s learned to build intelligent machines.  The award-winning inventor discusses this research with Editor of Scientific American Mind, Ingrid Wickelgren.… read more

Video Source: CSPAN BookTV

Presenting virtually using the Teleportec ‘teleporter’

August 24, 2010

Untitled from KAIN Admin on Vimeo.

Video Source: Kurzweil Technologies, Inc.

Teleportec, Inc.

Best Buy | Ray Kurzweil featured in Best Buy’s Super Bowl ad featuring tech pioneers

February 15, 2012

Ray Kurzweil - Super Bowl

Ray Kurzweil | Text-to-speech

Philippe Kahn | Camera phone and MotionX

Kevin Systrom | Creator of Instagram

Jim McKelvey | Created Square Mobile Pay

Neil Papworth | Sent the first SMS message

Daniel Henderson | Video sharing

Chris Barton and Avery Wang | Helped create Shazam

Best Buy | Watch… read more

Conversations with Harold Hudson Channer | Ray Kurzweil discusses his book The Age of Spiritual Machines

February 1, 1999

Ray Kurzweil on Harold Hudson Channer

Conversations with Harold Hudson Channer | Ray Kurzweil—  the cybernetic inventor, entrepreneur and futurist philosopher —  talks about his book The Age of Spiritual Machines soon after the day it was released in January 1999.

He recounts his earler publication, The Age of Intelligent Machines, and offers many illuminating projections of likely future cyberentic developments.

Video Source: Conversations with Harold Hudson Channer

Conversations with Harold Hudson Channer

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