Return To The Garden

October 1, 2012
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Norie Huddle
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RETURN TO THE GARDEN is the first novel in a series called “The Eleanor Chronicles” that Norie Huddle is writing to introduce almost 45 years of her research and thinking about practical ways to transform human civilization so that we may survive and thrive.
Luis Alvarez, a young Ecuadorian man, meets an older North American woman named simply “Eleanor” on a long bus ride in Ecuador. They have a realistic but very surprising conversation that transforms Luis’ entire worldview.
Eleanor’s stories and examples make it clear to Luis (and to the reader) that it is both imperative and possible to transform global civilization very rapidly and that we can make the process of transformation enjoyable and beautiful.
Although the story of Luis’ encounter with Eleanor is fictitious (and Luis and Eleanor are fictitious), all the stories contained in the novel are based on true life stories (mostly on Norie’s life experience) and real events that have taken place in the world.

RETURN TO THE GARDEN sets the foundation for THE ELEANOR CHRONICLES series, in which each novel will focus on how to transform major systems (monetary, health, education, etc.)

In her novel, Norie also tells for the first time the true story of how she came to research and write her book, BUTTERFLY, that has become an important new “meme” for humanity — a story told by many well-known people today — Deepak Chopra, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Elisabet Sahtouris, Lynne Twist and others.

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