Robert Bradbury

July 11, 2009

Robert Bradbury (1957 -  2011) had education in applied mathematics from Harvard University and microbiology from the University of Washington. Much of his professional career was spent doing software development for companies in such industries as finance, publishing, structured design, real time systems, and database management. During the mid-1980′s he was the UNIX Product Development Manager for Oracle Corporation and played key roles in Oracle’s success in both the UNIX and IBM markets.

He founded Aeiveos Corporation in 1992 to promote research related to resolving the relative importance of the various theories of aging. A significant result of this was the development of one of the first and largest internet sites organizing research on aging. Robert was the President of Aeiveos Sciences Group from 1996 through 1997. During that period, Aeiveos Sciences Group was the second-largest company, after Geron, conducting research into the molecular biology of aging. Aeiveos Sciences Group ceased operations in early 1998 because it was not the appropriate time to be conducting the breadth of aging research.

Since then, he focused his attention on the problems of the real limits to personal longevity and intelligence, the processes that govern the long term evolution of technological civilizations, as well as current unresolved problems in astronomy, such as the nature of the missing mass and dark matter in the Universe. His current primary interest was in the development of “whole genome engineering” to address problems ranging from energy and food production to treating aging. He has a moderately deep comprehension of a unique information set that includes computer science, molecular biology and nanotechnology.

He was at times a member of the AAAS, IEEE and SPIE and was on the board of directors of the American Aging Association and formerly on the board of directors of the Extropy Institute. He was also a Senior Associate of both the Foresight Institute and the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing. In addition, he served as a scientific advisor for TransVio Technology Ventures. Transvio Technology Ventures is a recently formed company with a novel financing model for investing in companies with long term interests in advanced technologies such as lifespan extension and nanotechnology. Further information about Robert may be found on pages linked to his home page.

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