Robin Hanson

July 11, 2009

Robin Hanson is an assistant professor of economics at George Mason University. In 1997 Robin received his Ph.D. in social science from the California Institute of Technology, and was afterward a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation health policy scholar at the University of California at Berkeley. Earlier, in 1984, Robin received masters in physics and the philosophy of science from the University of Chicago, and then spent nine years researching artificial intelligence, Bayesian statistics, and hypertext publishing.

Robin has unusually diverse research interests, with papers on spatial product competition, health incentive contracts, group insurance, explaining product bans, evolutionary psychology of health care, bioethics, voter incentives to become informed, Bayesian statistics and classification, agreeing to disagree, self-deception in disagreement, information aggregation via speculative markets, a new form of government based on such markets, wiretaps, image reconstruction, the history of science prizes, reversible computation, the origin of life, very long term economic growth, growth given machine intelligence, and interstellar colonization.

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