RoboBusiness Leadership Summit 2013

Dates: October 22 – 24, 2012
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania




The RoboBusiness Leadership Summit (RBLS) is the premier business development event for the global robotics industry. The event’s program is designed to provide invaluable information and advice and create powerful connections for business and technology executives in companies at all levels of the robotics industry ecosystem.

RBLS features:
-    High-level workshops in critical topics areas
-    Keynotes and sessions organized in three tracks

  •    Applications
  •    Business Development & Investment
  •    Technology & Product Development

-    Networking and social events designed to connect conference delegates with each other and Summit sponsors

Robotics industry attendees will come away with the insights, information and industry contacts they need to drive their companies toward better market positions, increased revenues, profit and higher value.

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Program Overview

The RoboBusiness Leadership Summit (RBLS) is the premier business development event for global robotics industry. The event’s program is designed to provide invaluable information to all levels of the robotics industry supply chain, including:

  • Robotics OEMs
  • Robot ingredient/enabling technology companies
  • Other OEMs that incorporate robotics technologies in their equipment
  • Robotics systems integrators and solutions engineers
  • Robotics end-users
  • Financial companies and institutions providing capital and financial services to the industry
  • Intellectual property law firms and consultants
  • Suppliers of electrical and mechanical components to robotics developers and OEMS

The RBLS conference program is organized into three tracks.

Applications & Markets Track
This track focuses on case studies of successful application and implementation of robotics in specific featured vertical end markets. Attendees learn about the acquisition process including needs determination, solution specification development and investment justification; the implementation process including internal external resources requirements and alignment; and final results of the robotics solution. These sessions include reporting from all the key players in successful robotics solution projects and especially project leaders at the purchaser of the solution. RBLS’s six featured Application vertical markets for 2012 are:

  • Healthcare, focusing on applying robotics to quality of life for the disabled and elderly
  • Transportation
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Industrial material handling, warehousing and logistics
  • Heavy construction

Business Development & Investment Track
This track looks at key questions for success in robotics ingredient technology and OEM companies including intellectual property strategies; how to secure and sustain financing; leveraging government support and relationships with academic institutions; recruitment and development of human capital; sales, marketing and media relations strategies; channel development strategy and more.
Sample topics:

  • Evaluating the Global Market for Healthcare Robotics
  • Planning Compliance with the Robotics Regulatory Environment
  • Licensing vs. Manufacturing: How to Make the Decision for Your Robotics Ingredient Technology
  • How to Secure Debt or Equity Financing for your Robotics Company
  • Venture Capital & Robotics: Combining Talent, Technology and Capital to Build Great Companies
  • Partnering with Universities for R&D and Commercialization

Technology & Product Development Track
This track looks at trends and breakthroughs in the technological development of robots. RBLS covers state of the market, state of the art and on the horizon technologies – all with special attention paid to technologies with high prospects for profitable commercialization. Also included in this track is high level information on winning product development strategies and processes gleaned from real world success stories and academic studies. Sample topics:

  • State of the Art in Robotic Manipulation and Grasping
  • Robotics, The Cloud and Mobile Device Integration
  • Advanced Sensor Technology and Sensor Integration
  • Robot Operating System (ROS) and Open Source Robotics
  • Innovative, Low Cost Technology Enablers for Commercial Robotics
  • Advances In Power Systems and Battery Technologies