SGI Reality Center wows SIGGRAPH attendees

August 15, 2001 | Source: KurzweilAI

LOS ANGELES, August 14 — SGI is wowing SIGGRAPH attendees with its 35 by 10 foot wraparound immersive Reality Center visualization facility here.The display seamlessly combines images from three projectors driven by SGI Onyx 3400 computers, generating 3.5 million pixel images in real time.

Demonstrations include a breathtaking journey through the sixth-century Buddhist kingdom of Silla, from the SGI Reality Center in Seoul, Korea; an urban drive-around simulation of Los Angeles; a closeup view of the entire Mars planet; a 250 gigabyte display of the Earth’s Moon at 100 meter resolution; an exploration through a fantasy world created from the paintings of Rousseau, a work in progress intended as an interactive audience experience; and an detail archeological simulation of the Hebrew Temple Mound.