Smart watches to provide faster access to smartphone information

September 16, 2011
Meta Watch

Smart watches (credit: Meta Watch)

Meta Watch Ltd. has announced it has acquired the Meta Watch branded connected watch business from Fossil, Inc. It plans to release wrist-based devices later this month for about $200 in the U.S. and Europe.

The announcement is evidence of the mounting interest in connected or smart watches. Early adopters of smart watches comment on how surprisingly useful they can be. A smart watch can connect wirelessly to your smartphone and display e-mails and SMS messages, for example, eliminating the need to constantly pull a phone from a pocket or purse.

Other smart-watch uses include alerts, notifications, social networking service updates, turn-by-turn directions, sports performance feedback, and music control, Meta Watch says.

“Over the next 10 years, billions of people will carry smart phones, changing how consumers live and creating new opportunities and markets for connected watches and other wearable devices,” said Juha Pinomaa, Chairman of Meta Watch.