Suzanne Gildert

August 8, 2010

Suzanne GildertSuzanne Gildert is currently working as an experimental Physicist at D-Wave Systems, Inc, a Vancouver based start up who are designing and building Quantum Computing Hardware. She previously worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Condensed Matter Physics at the University of Birmingham, UK. Suzanne has a wide range of interests and believes that important advancements are made where many diverse disciplines intersect. One of her main interests in in the area of AI, and she is working on the application of Quantum Computing to various areas of AI such as machine learning and pattern recognition.

Suzanne received her PhD in Experimental Device Physics in 2008 and previously an Msci degree in Physics with Electronics, also from the University of Birmingham. Through her research she has gained expertise in the areas of microscopy, lithography and device fabrication techniques, superconducting digital electronics, high vacuum and low-temperature apparatus, and communication of science to the public. She has participated in numerous collaborative projects including a large European initiative on road-mapping potential applications of superconducting digital electronics.

Suzanne is active in the transhumanist movement, and she has given presentations to the UKH+ transhumanist association, and the ASIM community. She has also spoken about Quantum Computing and Physics to a range of audiences, both at technical research conferences and more general events, such as a presentation to various members of Parliament at the UK House of Commons. She regularly participates in outreach activities aimed at interesting schoolchildren in science. She maintains a popular blog entitled ‘Physics and Cake’ which discusses many of her topics of interest, such as quantum computing, neuroscience, and intelligent machines. She is currently also working on initiating big picture projects in the area of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

Suzanne also has an interest in fantasy artwork, and she has published a book of collected works and associated merchandise.

Physics and Cake
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