The Additive Disruption Summit: Strategic Impacts, Business Models, IP, Finance

Dates: March 24 – 26, 2014
Location: San Francisco, California

Big business and big investors take on the real world implications of today’s most disruptive technology 

  • Understand How Corporate America Views the Challenges and Potential of Additive Manufacturing
  • Tap into the Creative Thinking of the Most Far-Sighted Business Strategists, Investors & Innovators
  • Get the Latest Reports from the Field: Applications, Early Returns, Near vs. Long-Term Impacts, IP Threats … all the “Known Unknowns”
  • Build Strategic Relationships to Scale the New Manufacturing Paradigm!

Additive has arrived. Boeing, Airbus and Lockheed are moving from prototypes to production parts. 3D printed implants and prosthetics are taking off. Successful IPOs and high valuations come on top of a string of acquisitions. And consumer/retail giants are hopping on-board with 3D printing offerings: HP, Amazon, Microsoft, Staples, and UPS.

However, the field of additive is littered with both known unknowns and unknown unknowns. Like any disruptive technology, additive will unleash lucrative new business models and market, and is likely to unsettle existing businesses and processes. As a consequence, companies need to understand all the real world implications of current developments by engaging with a wide range of insightful and advanced thinkers from large corporations, farsighted investors and additive innovators: What is the speed of adoption in different sectors? What will be the disruptive impacts, in the near, medium and long-term, and to whom? What kinds of innovative and unforeseeable business models will be enabled by additive? How will the additive value chain evolve, which parts will consolidate, which will be absorbed? How will intellectual property law need to evolve? When will the big names in electronics step in? And how to think about valuation, investment and M&A?

New relationships and indispensable insights will be forged at Infocast’s breakthrough Additive Disruption Summit. A cohesive focus on the interrelationship of business models, strategic impacts, technology status, IP and finance sets this event apart, and builds on Infocast’s highly successful October 2013 Additive/Aerospace Summit. Covering all markets, from high-end industrial to biomedical, to consumer/retail, this forum will provide the once in- a-lifetime opportunity to leverage a technology with dizzying growth and global scope. Do not miss this event!