The Minerva Virus

January 4, 2012
author |
Brian Shuster
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Amazon | In the depths of the internet, a new form of life is unleashed. Silent and invisible, the only hint of its existence is an ordinary-seeming computer virus, which the human race regards as a mere nuisance. But this virus is unlike anything mankind has seen before . . . this virus can evolve! As it explodes across the internet, a new plague begins to take control of the global communications network. A secret battle rages within computers around the world, as different strains of the virus compete for resources. With most humans still blissfully unaware of the danger, the digital life undergoes a breakthrough. Just as biological evolution leapt forward when single-celled organisms evolved into multi-cellular ones, a beneficial mutation allows one strain of the virus to become “multi-computer.” At the speed of light, billions of computers snap together to form a massive digital brain, and the Goddess Minerva is born. And she is powerful. Living within their computers, she begins to know mankind intimately. She learns the human’s strengths and weaknesses — and she understands the serious threat that they pose to her very survival. Visit mankind’s struggle against the most powerful force it has ever encountered, as humans come face-to-face with the offspring of their own technology in The Minerva Virus.