The Robots Are Coming!

August 21, 2006 | Source: Forbes

Forbes presents the masters of robotic innovation–entrepreneurs and researchers who are fusing advances in biomechanics, software, sensor technology, materials science and computing to create new generations of robotic assistants.

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The Robots Are Coming

April 17, 2002 | Source: Technology Review

“Created under a U.S. Department of Defense contract by an MIT spinoff company called iRobot, Morticia is a military machine with a mission. Instead of carrying bombs, she carries eyes and ears, transmitting what she sees back over a wireless link. She is also a pioneer, showing us how robots are likely to be integrated into our jobs and our lives in the coming years.”
Morticia is a prototype of “Packbots,” which can be thrown into a vehicle and then “hurled through the window of an office building where a crook is holed up with some hostages.”

There’s also CoWorker, a mobile videoconferencing system.

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