CNET | The Super Bowl ads — tech winners and losers

February 5, 2012

CNET — February 5, 2012 | Chris Matyszczyk

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But the winner of the first half — for your Incorrect correspondent, at least — was Best Buy.

Instead of last year’s Justin Bieber and Ozzie Osbourne, here we had stellar individuals such as artificial intelligence and speech recognition guru Ray Kurzweil; Philippe Kahn, the creator of the first cell phone camera; and the people who invented Instagram, Words With Friends, text messages, and other technological marvels that have made our lives more enjoyable, if not always more meaningful.

The conceit is that Best Buy claims it created a better way to buy a cell phone.¬†What the company was trying to tell America was this: “You want us to be serious, don’t you? So we’re going to try.” [...]