UK Knowledge Mobilisation Forum

Dates: February 3 – 4, 2014
Location: London, UK

Knowledge is created. Much of it is shared. Some of it is used. Across industries and sectors we share the ambition that more useful knowledge is generated and translated into practice, to increase the impact of research and improve the way we work.

Knowledge mobilisation is often about working in the middle, at the interface between research and practice.

It brings together different worlds with different goals and different functions.

Our ambitions will only be achieved if we make connections and make those connections matter. To make the content count we need to connect to each other, to our contexts, and between cultures.

Who should attend?

We are looking for 80 people, passionate about finding better ways of mobilising, exchanging, utilising or transferring knowledge, evidence, research or ideas in any sector. You might be working in a knowledge brokering role, researching evidence into practice or perhaps you’re a practitioner of any kind who wants to find ways of identifying and delivering best practice. Most importantly, you’re not interested in more talk. You want to make a difference by working with colleagues from different sectors. If you’re a teacher, healthcare practitioner, energy supplier, lecturer, director, funder or policy-maker — or anything else — you are welcome.

What will you gain by being involved?

People who come and contribute to the forum will:

  • Be part of establishing a network of likeminded people from around the UK and beyond
  • Hear great speakers including eminent professors and real people
  • Contribute your ideas about the current opportunities and challenges
  • Contribute to working groups on the issues you’re passionate about
  • See and hear about work being done by others in chaired poster walks
  • Have a chance to win an oral presentation on day 2
  • Continue working together after the forum in the UK KMb virtual world