Video World Conference & Expo

Dates: October 3 – 5, 2012
Location: Austin, Texas

Think Visual to Expand Your Brand

Whether it’s a field sales program on your iPad, a TV app on your iPhone, movies delivered through your home TV or gaming console, or a telepresence meeting at work, video is driving ever deeper into our business and personal lives. This reality lays the groundwork for a fast-lengthening list of new revenue opportunities for enterprises and services providers.

Video World Conference & Exposition provides a broad far-reaching event designed to educate business and technology managers on all things video. The first-of-its-kind event focuses squarely on the identification of opportunities, the creation of strategies and monetization of new and enhanced video products for business and consumer customers. Video World has assembled the best and brightest industry minds to provide attendees the knowledge required to boost their video IQ.

Video World is not about content, but rather focused on interaction in all areas video. Whether you are building an app to watch the home, delivering a video of your presentation to your customer or employees, at the root, the technology is converging. Video World embraces the change to show the synergies available now.