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IBM scientists create ultra-fast device that uses light for communication between computer chips

February 13, 2011

chip communication

Video Source: IBM

Original IBM press release

Printing a bicycle with a 3D printer

October 25, 2012


Video Source: BBC

David Orban’s interview with John Nash

March 23, 2010

Video Source: David Orban

About John Nash
PBS documentary on John Nash: A Brilliant Madness
John Nash Princeton webpage
Nobel Prize website: John Nash autobiography

Future cities

September 10, 2010

Video Source: euronews

Robots at ICRA 2012

May 21, 2012

(Credit: DARPA)

Video Source: IEEE Spectrum

Video: Throwable Robot, Roomba-Riding Humanoid, and More from ICRA 2012

Hangouts in Gmail

July 31, 2012


Video Source: Google

Video chat face-to-face-to-face with Hangouts in Gmail
Think Google+ is a ghost town? Chances are you’re just using it wrong

Armless man pitches at Fenway

September 18, 2012


Video Source: Fox News

Armless Man Pitches at Fenway

Minority Report arrives with Oblong (Part II) — mind-blowing UI

November 4, 2012


Video Source: Robert Scoble

oblong industries

Kinect Superman game using virtual reality glasses

February 13, 2011

kinect glasses

Video Source: Daniel Karavolos, Sicco van Sas, Maarten van der Velden at the University of Amsterdam

Sicco van Sas Kinect Superman YouTube channel

Body language-based gameplay

UK university developing technology with natural responses to human interaction
August 14, 2012


Video Source: Goldsmiths Digital Studio

Actors help university create body recognition tech

GEN News | Video timeline history of stem cell research

December 11, 2013

red cell dividing in biological setting

Defense Distributed | Controversial weapons firm posts mysterious video October Surprise

September 22, 2014

Defense Distributed - October Surprise - promo

20th Century Fox | Viral trailers for Prometheus feature David the android

November 26, 2012


Video Source: 20th Century Fox

OppiKoppi beer drone tech

May 8, 2013


Video Source: Oppikoppi Festival

OppiKoppi Beer drone tech

The future dangers of technology, from the History Channel’s “Prophets of Doom”

February 5, 2011

Video Source: The History Channel

"Prophets of Doom" from the History Channel

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