What to expect from the Google I/O conference

Tablet, Maps, Cloud Services, Drive... and maybe Google Glass -- where to watch live starting Tuesday 6/26
June 26, 2012

(Credit: ReadWriteWeb)

Google’s annual developer conference starts today (June 26) at Moscone Center in San Francisco, ReadWriteWeb reports, with these expccted announcements:

  • Tablet: Google is expected to unveil a seven-inch, $199 tablet under the flagship Nexus brand., or possibly a tablet running Chrome OS.
  • Maps: Google is taking Maps to “the next dimension” with new 3D technology and an improved user interface, Google Maps, and apps built on it will make your surroundings look radically different.
  • Cloud services: Google has an offering called App Engine that, like Amazon Web Services, lets developers host Web apps on Google’s servers.
  • Drive, Google’s cloud storage and syncing service: we can expect it to open up to app developers.

Watch live stream: developers.google.com/io.

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Project Glass (Credit: Google)

Thad Starner, a pioneering researcher in the field of wearable computing, is Google technical lead for a project developing a heads-up display (beyond Project Glass), controlled with a small, one-handed keyboard, Technology Review reports.

UPDATE: Day of week corrected.