‘You, Robot’: personal robots for the masses

July 20, 2012
Bina48 android (credit: Terasem)

Bina48 android (credit: Terasem)

What would it be like if you could transfer your personal data, your consciousness, to a robot or a machine?”

That’s what almost every major technology organization seems to be asking, says Huffington Post blogger  Lucas Kavner.


  • Terasem’s LifeNaut project allows you to create a mindfile for yourself, or anybody else close to you, using photos and online data and other “digital reflections” you deem worthy of collecting and uploading. In the future, you could in theory transfer that mindfile into a machine, and then you’ll have a digital replica of yourself. Talk to it, teach it your expressions and personal history, give it personality tests.
  • Terasem has teamed up with Hanson Robotics to create the Bina-48 conversational humanoid robot, which includes excerpts from 20 hours of interviews with its inspiration, Bina Rothblatt.
  • Google Now, an Android-phone version of Apple’s Siri, uses your past Google searches to gauge your habits, your interests, and how you go about your day.
  • Microsoft Research Lifebrowser can take your photos, emails, search history, documents and events on your personal calendar and then infer “memory landmarks” about your life organize them into a timeline.