You Tomorrow [Kindle Edition]

December 24, 2012
author |
Ian Pearson
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If you wonder what your life tomorrow will bring, this is the book for you. It discusses how your everyday life will change over the next few decades.

First it covers the various stages of life, from pre-birth genetic design of your offspring all the way through to death and potential immortality. Along the way it considers the possible future of humanity.

In part 2, it goes on to consider almost every aspect of your future everyday lifestyle — including sleeping, eating, socialising, recreation, shopping, education and work.

Part 3 outlines many of your likely career options, the areas that will improve in prospects and those that will decline too.

The final two parts describe the stuff you are likely to own such as your car and your gadgets, and the nature of the world around you from the rooms in your home to public transport and the future city as well as the potential virtual world overlaying it all.

It is written by Ian Pearson, one of the world’s leading futurologists, with over 20 years experience explaining the impacts of future technology in ordinary everyday language.

Approx 85,000 words