2010 State of the Future

July 15, 2010
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Jerome C. Glenn, Theodore J. Gordon
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2010 State of the FutureMillennium Project | This “report card on the future” distills the collective intelligence of over 2,700 leading scientists, futurists, scholars, and policy advisors who work for governments, corporations, non-governmental organizations, universities, and international organizations. The 2010 State of the Future comes in two parts: a 83-page print executive summary and an attached CD containing about 7,000 pages of research behind the print edition and the Millennium Project’s 14 years of cumulative research and methods. Some unique features not available in other global assessments include:

- Building Collective Intelligence Systems

- 15 Global Challenges

- Producing the State if the Future Index Using the International Futures Model

- Emerging Environmental Security Issues

- Latin America 2030

- Futures Research and Gaps Around the World

- 800 Annotated Scenario Sets

It is produced by the Millennium Project with its 35 Nodes (groups of futurists and organizations) around the world, which collects, feeds back, and assesses insights from creative and knowledgeable people on emerging crises, opportunities, strategic priorities, and the feasibility of actions.

This 2010 edition and its CD contains updated versions of 15 Global Challenges, two applications of building collective intelligence systems, more than 300 new items related to environmental security, over 2,100 scenarios in an Annotated Scenarios Bibliography, and other new studies, reviews, assessments, and surveys.