2013 M2M & Internet of Things Global Summit

April 22, 2013

The 2013 M2M & Internet of Things Global Summit will take place in Washington DC on October 1-2, and will provide a high-level meeting point for all representatives from the global M2M & IoT communities.

With contributions from all of the main stakeholders at both an industry and policy level from the US and beyond, this conference will take a comprehensive look at the latest technologies and innovations in the field of The Internet of Things.

Technology and its role in society is evolving dramatically. Smarter technologies are opening up new horizons in the fight against many of the world’s most pressing challenges. From boosting economic growth to tackling climate change and improving public health; to making businesses more productive and profitable, and improving consumer experience.The Internet of Things creates new possibilities and has the potential to enable a plethora of new responses to such challenges.

This event will offer participants the chance to exchange views on the current IoT ecosystem and the opportunity to see what M2M and IoT technologies are available to industry, businesses and end users.
Speakers and delegates will explore how both the public and private sectors need to work together to create an environment for increased innovation, investment and economic growth, as well as the emerging key issues that are affecting the sector, including user data protection and security for devices, as well as the additional resources that are required for a fully integrated Internet of Things.

Sessions at the event will include: – Realizing the benefits of M2M, Smart Cities and The Internet of Things – Building trust and confidence – Enabling Device Security – Financing the Internet of Things – IoT Devices in the 4G era – Spectrum Management and IoT – Governance and Standardization – The role of Cloud Computing  and other ‘Big Data’ technologies for IoT – The Connected Home