3D Systems: Cubify | Bringing 3D printing to the home consumer

January 9, 2012

Cubify | 3D Systems’ Cubify™ combines coloring book simplicity with cloud gaming fun to deliver a simple and fun create-and-make experience in 3D. With intuitive apps, 3D printable content libraries of games, puzzles and collections, Cubify™ turns a mobile device, tablet or Kinect(R) into a mobile digital canvas. Capture and customization apps make it simple to personalize creations. Cubify™ them at home on our Cube™ 3D printer or have them delivered using Cubify Cloud Print.

PC World | The (3D printing) process, which involves using a machine to turn a digital file into a finished physical object by building it up layer by layer, up until recently was too expensive for the average tinkerer. But 3D Systems launches at CES its beta Cubify.com platform, which sounds like it might be pretty amazing once the wraps come off it. 3D Systems will start selling a new Cube 3D printer priced at $1299 that comes with a cartridge of plastic available in ten colors. The printer is 14-by-14-by-18 inches, weighs less than 9 pounds, and can print about ten to twelve “average size” parts.

But the really interesting part is the Cubify platform itself. It’s a free online social platform that’s available for individuals, artists, developers, and creative partners. As an individual, you can go online and pick a digital file of something you like — let’s say a mug, belt buckle, or cookie cutter. Then you download an app that lets you customize it. After you’ve designed your custom product it’s just a matter of either wirelessly printing to your own Cube printer, or sending it to 3D Systems’ printing service, and they’ll produce it for you. [...]

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