opinion letterOpinion letter from Ray Kurzweil on request for 6 month delay on large language models that go beyond GPT-4

photo - AI chat + mobile - no. 1

stories on progressBreakthrough research links deformed proteins with schizophrenia.

An important clue.

photo - human brain model - no. 1

stories on progressResearchers achieve fusion energy record

A step toward virtually unlimited power.

photo - fusion reactor - no. 1

stories on progressPIXY is the world’s first automated selfie drone.

Launched by the company Snap.

photo - Pixy selfie drone + hand - no. 0

stories on progressAI software with social skills teaches humans to collaborate

Exploring human-computer co-operation.

photo - hand + decision tree - no. 2

stories on progressBreakthrough for life-like soft robotics

This synthetic muscle is 3D printable + lifts 1000 times its own weight.

photo - squishy + robot squid - NO. 0

stories on progressBreakthrough for flexible electrode implants in the brain

Solves key problems with bio-compatibility + tissue damage.

photo - flexible electrodes - no. 1

stories on progressBreakthrough AI method generates 3D holograms in real-time

For virtual reality, 3D printing, and medical imaging.

photo - man + hologram of city - no. 2

stories on progressThis self-learning AI software lets robots do tasks autonomously

They can go anywhere + move objects on-the-spot.

photo - robot + hands - no. 2

Breakthrough augmented reality medical tool

This system projects an image of the patient's internal body.

photo - medical image + window - no. 1

digest | New material eliminates need for motors or actuators in robots, proprosthetics, more

Low-cost material can bear 3000 times its own weight, triggered by light or electricity

A “mini arm” made by two hinges of actuating nickel hydroxide-oxyhydroxide material (left) can lift an object 50 times of its weight when triggered (right) by light or electricity. (credit: University of Hong Kong)

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the Kurzweil Library

Ray Kurzweil

Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine

novel by Ray Kurzweil
an adventure for all ages

  • national best-seller
  • winner of 2 book awards

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bulletin boardabout | the Kurzweil Library

A tour of the collections.

photo - keyboard + icon cubes - no. 1

guidehow to enlarge text + images

everyday - desk nook - no. 1

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look + listen + learnfilm | Search On

photo - hand + smart-phone + map - no. 2

stories on progressThe world’s first AI kitchen assistants

Automated cooking in real-time.

photo - robot industrial - no. 3

look + listen + learnstory collection | 150 years of innovation + discovery

from | Scientific American

photo - math + formulas - no. 0

bulletin boardWelcome to Transcend.

presented by Ray + Terry's

art - pairs - avocado + pills - no. 4

interview by Ray Kurzweil | A conversation with Michele Reilly of Turing

On advances in quantum computing: architecture, functionality, and scalability.

art - man + quantum computers - no. 1

Wired | AI-Powered biotech can help deploy a vaccine in record time

by Ray Kurzweil

photo - medical + injection - no. 2

spotlight | tech + science gifts for the season

Something for everyone.

art - gift - no. 3

resources | Travel insurance products in the fin-tech landscape

Trending smart services for your home + abroad.

photo - mobile phone + airplane - no. 2

Global Summit • by Singularity University | Q + A

on stage | feature with Ray Kurzweil

photo - stage + city - no. 1

resources | Space Special for Youth: STEAM books + activities

from: moon landing 50th anniversary

photo - arts + crafts for space - no. 9

a & e | film • BioMimicry

from: BioMimicry Institute

photo - honeycomb structure - no. 3

resources | Gateway to the Past: computer tech history

Visit the virtual museum.

photo - computer chips - no. 1

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